Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sports Day 2009

Sarah had her first sports day today. She was in two events, running and the bouncy hoppers. I am proud to announce that she came third in the running and first in the bouncy hoppers. Yeay Sarah!!

And she looked really smart as well in her gym kit..only at this age can you tuck in tshirt into cycling shorts and still look good :)

All three of us were there to cheer her on. Hurrah for Sarah!!

Monday, 23 February 2009

not a people person

A few weeks back we were told that in nursery Haris does not talk much to anyone. They can hear him talking to himself (!) whenever he is playing (on his own!!). He doesn't like to play with the other children, he keeps very much to himself...
So anyway today when we (that would be me and Sarah) went to pick him up at the nursery, we walked into the 2-3 room and there was this group of little people playing together, going round and round the table. And where was Haris? He was lying down on the floor a distance away watching the kids at play but made no move to join them. He jumped up as soon as he realised we were there and was ready to go. The carer said he still wouldn't play in a group, he sometimes would play in pairs but tends more often than not to keep to himself. 
And we have this little boy at home who talks and talks and jumps about and does everything but stay still. He plays with Sarah and even when she is sleeping wants to be next to her. When there are other children he will end up sort of playing with them , more because Sarah would be playing with them so it would seem as if he is as well but in actual fact he is only playing with his big sister. 
Shy? Doesn't seem like it
Anti-social? Like the mother? Well, he is only two, what is my excuse? :)

Saturday, 21 February 2009

and sarah says...

S: mummy, i like your tummy
M: eh?? am i fat?
S: just a teeny weeny little bit mummy
M: ok then, i suppose i have to exercise
S: yes, you haven't exercise for a long time
M: should i go to the gym?
S: yes, you should go to gymnastics like mine
M: hmm....that means we also cannot eat chocolate or ice cream
S: err...maybe not everyday but we can have it on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday
M: that is every day!
S: no, you still have saturday and sunday
M: hmmm....i think we should not have it at all
S: i don't think you are fat mummy!!!!!!

NB also am not pregnant

what he is saying now

i got shoes
i got coat (these two when someone is going out without him)
i got nana (banana, makanan ruji)
i got stickers (does he not love them! sticks them on his own face as well)
i got a book (followed by read-it)
my Mas (still mad about Thomas)
my blanket (please do not share!)
my Troy!!! (OMG!! Troy Bolton's hard core fan this one)
share!!!! ( only to be used when it is the other person who have the stuff)
mine!!!! (used in any other times when he is the one with the stuff)
my mummy ( whenever he wants to get on sarah's nerves)
my daddy ( see above)
you quashing me!!! ( please do not squeeze him too hard, he will tell you off)
scared...(and then he gets a cuddle and his way)
nose (when he wants his nose cleaned)
ta-dah...(applause please, he has performed a magnificent feat)
i watching tv!! ( when the tv is switched as we head off in the morning)
i eating nana (sometimes three at one go, ni bukan pisang emas ni..)
go school ( that would be his nursery as opposed to kakak's school)

btw, mamat is a bit pelat so the mother and sister are translators for most people including the dad.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Repeat after me....

Gordon is the big steam engine that pulls the express and he likes to think that he is a very very important engine.  Thomas fans know this.
Now Haris loves Gordon and so quite often we get a request to read him his Gordon book. 

Haris: Book. Biti (see previous entry) .  Gordo (go french, also see previous entry) 
M: Read "Gordo" (saying it like him) ?
Haris:   NO!! Gordo!
M: (can't help it) Gordo!
Haris: NO!!! GORDO!!!!
M: Gordon?
Haris: (nodding his head) Gordo.

Mummy finds it so hilarious :)

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Haris Dictionary - second edition

1. mummy instead of mama
2. daddy instead of dada
3. tock - socks
4. tus - shoes
5. jacket - coat (this boy is so skema one, won't leave the house without a jacket/coat)
6. mas - thomas
7. gordo - gordon (now if you say gordon in a french accent then it will sound like how he says it)
8. pearci - percy
9. jams - james 
6, 7, 8 and 9 now is due to his newfound love for thomas and his friends...while we are at it, add choo choo to the list
10. biti - read ( translated by him holding up his book and saying the word over and over again until somebody reads to him, how he comes up with this word? refer to pu-tek of first edition)
11. bicky - biscuit
12. got it - he dropped his pen on the floor, so he got down from the table, picked up his pen and said 'got it'. mummy was rather amazed.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

School days

Entry written ages ago in September when Sarah first started school.  Pictures? Maybe in another two months :)

Sarah finally started school last wednesday. Excited? Just a touch...she practically skipped and hopped her way to school. A wobbly moment was all she had when she walked through the school gates and saw the many other girls running about.  We went to her classroom and she saw a few familiar faces...those playdates were worth the effort. Quick goodbyes and she was off. No tears, no fuss. Haris cried when he realised we left Sarah behind. 

So the two of us then spent a quiet morning at home. Clock watching became a sport. The 'was it just two minutes  ago since I last looked at the clock?' thing was getting too much by 2pm. By 2.30pm, we were outside the school gate...well, not quite true. We stayed in the car. Me reading and Haris sleeping. Now, the school is in a cul-de-sac and parking places are soooo limited. So if you want a parking spot, you have to be there by 2.30 or latest 2.45, no joke. And as I am kiasu, I was there and bagged us a good spot. Interestingly, there were already other people waiting, so if I was kiasu to be there at 2.30, does this mean the degree of kiasu-ness increases if you were there even earlier??

I think they open the gates at 3.00pm. I now recognise a few other mothers so we will gather around and chit chat for a while waiting for the little girls. Now you have to show your face at the fence (yes, there is another fence so us pushy parents dont get to close to the classroom) before the teachers will let the girl out. On the first day, Sarah was the last one out although I was standing there ages. Hmmm....maybe the teachers are still confused. Sarah so oriental looking and the mother not quite so. 

Sarah is loving school. She has woken up for the past three days excited for another day at school. Although she was a bit taken aback when she realised that school is for EVERYday!!!